As you all know, A-Level Results are just around the corner.

It can be a stressful day for many, and the outcomes aren’t always what you expect.

So, with that in mind – we’ve compiled a list of our favourite six need-to-know tips for you  – and we advise you check them out ahead of opening those dreaded envelopes!


1. Crying hysterically on the phone only causes confusion for everyone

If you feel like you need to ring UCAS, or your university, to discuss your results and place or start the clearing process, just be calm and don’t panic.

Everyone dealing with results in uni offices and UCAS is super busy, especially as the results just get released, so it saves time and confusion if you manage to stay composed. Which can be hard, but better in the long run as you will be better placed to understand the information given.

2. UCAS will crash

UCAS is great at helping you apply for uni and put together loads of information and applications which would normally take up far more time and energy.

Understandably, when the results are in, every student is desperate to log on and check their application status, meaning the whole site is always slow and frozen.

3. Discuss outcomes with the people around you before results are released

One word that strikes terror into most students waiting for results is clearing. What does it mean? How do I do it? Why do I keep getting ominous emails about it?

Basically, if you do better or worse than expected, you can go through the Adjustment process, where you may be offered a place at a uni or on a course which required higher grades than you were originally predicted, or Clearing, where you can look for places on courses if you don’t meet your entry requirements

If you genuinely think that you have done better, or worse than expected, sit down and talk to someone about your options. Do it now.

4. The celebration/commiseration night out might be a cliche, but it works

It’s been two months since you put your pen down in that final exam…so, for two months, the outcome of that said exam will have been on your mind somewhere.

So, on results day, you deserve to go and celebrate and finally enjoy your summer worry free, and we offer the best party to celebrate or to have one last night out before parting ways with your comrades.


5. Don’t compare yourself to others too much

It’s the hardest thing to do, but an important message that lasts beyond exam results is don’t worry too much about what others have in their brown A4 envelopes and focus on yourself.

It’s hard, especially when you feel like you have the most intelligent group of friends on the planet, but it’s a serious point.

Open your results where you want to, and don’t let anyone pressure you into checking them in a place you feel uncomfortable. Whether it’s right there in the room with the receptionist handing the results out shouting at you for blocking her queue, or on the bus home, it doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable with your location and the people you are with.

6. University isn’t everything

You need to get a degree to get a good job? This isn’t always the case.

What is life beyond university, though? It can seem like a bit of a black hole, especially when everyone else you know is going.

But it isn’t, and there are a wealth of opportunities other than going.

If you don’t feel 100% positive about your choices, don’t do something for the sake of it. But try and distinguish a genuine lack of drive and interest in your chosen degree from nerves about starting something new for the first time.

The uni life, in the right balance, can be an amazing experience and throw you into a life of independence, whether you move away or not.

And if you don’t get your entry requirements, for your firm or insurance choices, don’t panic

So no matter what you get on the 17th, where you end up going to university, where you end up working, things can happen that you can’t foresee, and A-Level results don’t dictate what you do for the rest of your life.

Good luck.


Source – The Mirror