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Legend – Tom Zanetti

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Tom Zanetti!!

We are proudly hosting the legend behind the chart topping track ‘You Want Me’, Tom Zanetti and K.O Kane.

Leeds born, 27 year old DJ and club promoter, worked really hard to get where he is now, selling his own mixtapes on a local market stall in Leeds and performing in clubs from the age of 17, starting by  doing his own tracks for free in clubs until he decided he could get his own gigs so from there he got bigger and better gigs and shows. His first club work was in Insomnia (Leeds) before working with Club Mission in Leeds (winner of best club in Leeds)

Before the music — He attended Royds School but was expelled. He then went to Tinshall Learning Centre until he was 16 years old but then found out he was going to be a dad, so he dropped out and got a job at a warehouse to provide for his son.

Daddy Zanetti –He is a much loved Dad, his son loves hip hop and chart music, and clearly takes after his Dad. Tom says ‘My son Deaconn in my number one priority and I make sure we spend as much time together as possible. He lives with me a lot of the time and like I said he comes boxing with me, I also take him to football training and piano lessons. Deaconn’s also done a bit of modelling with me which was great to do.’

Business Man — Not only does he have his music career but he also invested in a tapas restaurant called La Fuego based in his home town Leeds, although he admits he can’t cook himself. He also runs, a brand called Sleepin is Cheatin with other Artist and DJs.

Come meet both Tom Zannetti and K.O Kane Saturday 17th June.


Our 2017 Staff Awards Winners…

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All our brilliant staff work really hard to please our customers; once a year we reward the team with a night out and award the best of the best of the year.

Employers Employee

Loaded Manager, David Barnett, for his service and determination.15027864_10157717267250693_93845891737729675_n

Smile of the Year —- Poppy Jenner

Commitment of the Year —— Stephen Townsend

Cock-up of the Year —- Stephen Townsend

Service of the Year —— Chloe Poole

Customer Employee

Thank you for all 1873 votes!!

3rd Lauren Todd

2nd Dan Allgood


Employee Employee

2nd  Stephen Townsend and Nathan Smith


And finally, The Cockup of the Year

Stephen Townsend

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