Live DJ/Band nights and Promoter events

Fully soundproofed and with a substantial capacity in one or more rooms, means that we are a great option for new release nights, niche genre events whether free of charge or via admission fee.

Public meetings

Full DDA access to our rooms, refreshments, and a capacity of x seated in our ballroom

Community Events

We are keen to be a community player, and therefore welcome opportunities to work with local good causes and charities, whether it be in fund raising events, or otherwise.

Stand Up Comedy

Let comedians take to the stage in a auditorium or tabled layout.


Whether it be arts, dance, fitness or any of class, our rooms are available.

Fashion Shows

Lofted ceilings in elegant historic rooms, offers a great opportunity to fashion shows and the introduction of catwalk.

Trade Fairs

With such a large offering, we can arrange table top sales to market stalls to trade stands.

Networking Events

Business talks, seminars or training, we can offer layouts to suit your requirements.

Product launches

Use our theatrical lighting and sound installation, enhanced by video wall and big screens to present your new product to the market!