The Truth Behind the Charity

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The Charity was started as a friend of Danny and Daniel, Gavin Blyth, passed away at the age of 41, leaving behind his wife and young children. They both wanted to provide support for more family’s as he witnessed the turmoil the Blyth family went through.

Gavin, was Emmerdale’s producer, so Danny had worked very closely with him. Daniel had also worked with him, as he has a reoccurring role in the soap.

Once Upon a Smile offer a rare and unique form of support after the death of a parent or a child. They offer financial support, as well as respite breaks and children support groups.

Once Upon a Smile directly step in and find out what the family needs and is struggling with. This often even includes rent, utility bills, but the support offered is completely tailored to suit each individual family.

Once Upon a Smile is not government supported, therefore they really on their own fundraising and kind donations.

The football team plays a vital role in the fundraising and secures vital funds that the charity otherwise wouldn’t have! The individual and corporate support that the charity receives, is securing the charity’s future.

The Assembly Rooms are supporting the charity match, as we think its a very worthy cause!

The WHOLE celebrity team are coming to the Assembly Rooms on Saturday 5th May, giving you the opportunity to meet the team!